Do You Like Me? (Check Yes or No)

This was a solo show at Byrdie’s Gallery in New Orleans, and comprises several individual works:

“Days of the Week” spans the title wall and is comprised of seven pairs of embroidered underpants, each featuring its own verbal pause.

“Cootie Catching” filled the platform bay window at the front of the gallery with hundreds of colorful origami cootie catchers (or fortune tellers, as some people call them). They’re not great at telling fortunes, however, as they’re made up of conversation starters and awkward internal thoughts.

The video piece,“I’d Invite You But You’d Just Stand Around Looking Awkward” plays on a loop on an old television set, placed on a pedestal. Just me, mugging awkwardly in front of the camera.¬†With eyeliner all over my face.

“Correspondence” fills one very long gallery wall with my scrawly handwriting, making a rather private note very, very public.

“Security Blanket,” a large crocheted throw blanket is displayed on a metal-frame bed in the corner of the gallery. Stitched into it is the title of the show, with corresponding boxes to “check.” Gimlet, the gallery cat, was fond of the “No” box.


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